O&M Fine Intellect Christmas Trio Pack


Christmas 2021 Volume gift bag, when you feel like you need a lift.

Pack Includes:

O&M Fine Intellect Shampoo 350ml

O&M Fine Intellect Shampoo Mini has been specifically developed for fine hair. It will cleanse and add volume, without ever weighing your locks down.

O&M Fine Intellect Conditioner 350ml

Take back control. Pump up fine, flyaway hair with this volumising conditioner containing Lilly Pilly which builds firmness into the hair roots, promoting fullness and volume to lightweight locks.

Keratin – A natural building block, helps to repair hair damage, fight frizz and protect strands. Rice Protein – A natural protein that adds softness and mobility while it strengthens the hair for continued damage repair and prevention. Also available in 350 ml

O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz 250ml

Gives bang to your blowout.

This thickening spritz is a must for heat styling or blowdrying any hair type. The formulation contains Lilly Pilly, a native Australian antioxidant that thickens hair shafts to increase body and Aloe Vera to add shine without weighing the hair down.

Hold: 3.5/5
Finish: 2.5/5

Gift bag

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